A Bit of Everything

A Bit of Everything

We went hiking on the Appalachian Trail again. We hiked a long time. We saw a real shelter that long distance hikers can stay in. I swept it out so that people could sleep in it. Luke helped. I wrote in the hikers log, using my trail name, Flowers.



We saw a stray dog and I named it Caramel. I wanted to adopt it. Mom and dad said no.

20170410_143557We became Junior Rangers on the AT at the Appalachian Trail headquarters in Harpers Ferry. I did a Junior Ranger book and then I finished it and then I got my badge.

We drove to Washington D.C. and we saw lots of monuments: Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, the Capitol building, and the White House.

We went to a baseball game at the end of the day. There was a big play place and I played in it lots with Mike. After that I watched the baseball game. The Washington Nationals beat the St. Louis Cardinals.  I was cheering for the Washington Nationals.

There was also a presidents race. They had ENORMOUS heads. They were Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. And the Geico gecko…my favourite.



We went to a hotel after 11 o’clock. The game ended very late.

I can’t wait for day five!




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